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International Workshop on “Multinational Information-Sharing: New Challenges for the International Community”, (7-8 June 2010)
The event was focused on possible doctrinal, procedural, cultural and technological strategies and remedies, from an academic and operational perspective, to address the challenges posed by multinational information-sharing, balancing the need to cooperate to effectively achieve the international community’s objectives, with the requirements of secrecy and protection of national interests of involved States.

Jointly organized with the Master in Peacekeeping and Security Studies on occasion on its 10th anniversary, the event took place at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Roma Tre in Rome.

The Workshop Proceedings have been collected in the volume “Oltre il Segreto – Information Sharing e intelligence transnazionale” , M.L. Maniscalco, J. M. Nomikos, S. Ducci (edited by), Published by Altrimedia, July 2011.
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