The Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies (MCIS) is a network of scholars, specialists, and students of intelligence dedicated to carrying out research in the area of Intelligence Studies related to Mediterranean countries.

MCIS will specifically focus on the issues related to modernization, reform, development, and mission tasking of intelligence and security services in the Mediterranean region as well as on common security issues to propose best practices and possible solutions. The MCIS will also focus on the development of common concepts, perceptions and ideas on intelligence studies.

MCIS affiliated members will share best practices, conduct research and disseminate their findings through reports, briefings, publications (print and electronic), and workshops and conferences.
MCIS aims to promote Intelligence Studies as part of university curricula and independent research, as well as cultivate the work of younger scholars focusing on Intelligence Studies in Mediterranean countries.

MCIS also aims at becoming the premier venue for virtual collaboration in addressing the modernization of the intelligence-security community in the Mediterranean region.
The MCIS is an initiative of the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS - http://www.rieas.gr) in Athens, Greece